Día de las Ánimas

An Almedina tradition that comes from the fourteenth century. The brothers who form the Brotherhood walk the streets, led by the “Amimero Mayor”, knocking on the doors and ringing a bell to the voice of ¡Ánimas! The neighbours offer food, money or sweets, which are then sold at the dance.
At night the “Baile de las Ánimas” takes place, where the “Hermano Mayor” begins the dance with a “jota manchega”. From this moment on, all attendees can dance with doubt of being fined by the Hermano Mayor, who interrupts the dance to the shout of Ánimas!, and imposes fines on the infractions committed. By means of the bidding method you can buy the dances, and if another person wants to bid for a certain song, already started, he can do it by raising the initial value of the bidding, thus passing the dance until dawn.

December 28 @ 00:00
00:00 — 00:00 (24h)