Los Calares are located to the north of the municipality, embracing the Loregón river course – the main tributary of the Jabalón river-, and constitute the largest cultivation area of ​​Almedina, as well as the largest area of ​​Mediterranean forest in the municipality.
This area, basically flat and formed by limestone, hides great secrets .. Ancient sections of Roman roads, terraces and waterwheels – around the course of the Loregón – areas with high concentrations of orchids, even some stone “Cucos” – local name of the so-called “Bombos” in the area of ​​La Mancha-.
In the eastern part of Los Calares, north of El Calar de Cruces, is located La Dehesilla, a traditional irrigated land, structured in small orchards, many of which still retain the original walkways and waterwheels. Also here we find the typical pools, where in addition to accumulating water for irrigation, we usually bathe in summer, scanning the horizon from them.

Flora species: Orchids (yellow beehive, mirror beekeeper, butterfly orchid, stinky orchid, partridge orchid), Helianthemum, gladiolus, linen, daffodil, royal centaurea, nazarene, gold button.

Wildlife species: Herrerillo, robin, thrush, magpie, oriole, black-headed warbler, great tit, gray flycatcher, hawk….
Ocellated larch, Pandora, Melitaea.