Los Barrancos of Almedina, located in the southeast quadrant of the term, constitute the wildest area of ​​the municipality.
Crossed by the Guadalén River, as well as by various streams – Jeroma, Guacheros and Parrilla -, we can find several sections of gallery forest around these waterways. There are also several hills such as El Bogallo or El Montón de Trigo, made up of pure terrera -the red earth of the area-, which will make the visitor feel more on Mars than on this planet.
Throughout the entire area, there are also many natural sources such as la Fuente de Martín, la Fuente de la Higuera, la Fuente Gil, la Fuente de la Muela, o la Fuente de la Parrilla, all located halfway up the hillside . Special mention deserves the spring Charco del Gitano, natural upwelling in the middle of a large plain above Los Barrancos themselves, just on the southeast limit of the municipality.
Also in this area – above the White Alamos, specifically – we can find the municipal “Horno Apícola” (typical construction to obtain the honey of the bees).

Flora species: Farolillo, broom, viborera, borriquero thistle, cardoncha, lollipops, cebadilla, gold button, tile, carrot, nazarene (Elms, poplars and willows in La Alameda)

Wildlife species: Picapinos, Oropéndola, Abejaruco, Black-headed Warbler, Moruno Sparrow, Common Nightingale, Magpie, Kestrel. Galapagos leper, Common frog, Icarus butterfly, harlequin butterfly.