The investigation of many aspects of bird biology can only have contrasting data collected from the same individuals at two or more times differentiating data collected from the same individuals at two or more different times.
The banding consists of the mark by applying a metal ring, usually made of aluminum, on the leg of a live bird. This ring is printed with a return address, which identifies where it has been ringed and a different number for each ring so that they can be recognized individually.
In these days, use as a tool for environmental education, explains the procedure performed on them:
– Explanation of the capture method using Japanese networks and their assembly
– Extraction of captured birds and their transport to the processing area
– Explanation of the different species captured, the specific characteristics of each of them and the habitat they occupy
– Processing of the birds, where the keys for the determination of the different species of birds captured, the process and the importance of the brand, dated, sexed and taking of the biometric data and their usefulness are shown

Bird release

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