Becouse of its great location Almedina has been inhabited at least since the recent Prehistory. Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians have passed through it, being one of the three villages of Ciudad Real inhabited without interruption since the Bronze Age…


As a good village of Spain, Almedina loves to celebrate with relatives, friends, and all those who visit us. Certainly, if there is something that define Almedina, according to those who know it, is its hospitality and affection with people from other villages, cities or different countries.

From the traditional festivities such us Las Luminarias and Las Romerías, to the most typical from Almedina like El Bailde de las Animas or Almedina Mora, it will be weird if you find a month without any celebration.


You can’t know in deep a place until you taste its gastronomy.

Enjoy typical dishes from La Mancha in the bars and restaurants of Almedina and its surroundings or you can participate in any of the outdoor meals that we organice.


Live a whole experience in Almedina. You can spend the night in our hostel or in the Rural House and get the most out of everything that El Campo de Montiel offers