(Almedina (Ciudad Real), 11.III.1660 baut. – Santiago de Compostela (La Coruña))
Juan Muñoz de la Cueva was the Trinitarian footwear (OSST), Bishop of Orense, theologian, qualifier of the Holy Office, royal preacher and redeemer of captives.
He was born in Almedina (Ciudad Real), and was baptized in the parish church of the town in 1660.

He was ordained a priest in Madrid by the bishop of Zamora, Alfonso Balmaseda and Osorio on February 26, 1684. At only twenty-six years of age, he began his work as full professor of Durando at the University of Toledo.

In successive years, he was also given the title of doctor. Carlos II included him among his preachers and the Royal Board of the Immaculate Conception among his theologians. The general inquisitor appointed him qualifier of the Holy Office of Toledo. He was also synodal examiner of the Toledo Archbishop and conservative judge of archiepiscopal dignity and cathedral chapter.

During several trienniums was minister of the Convent of Toledo, soon minister provincial of Castilla and later minister of the Convent of Madrid. He made two redeeming trips to Algiers and, he obtained the freedom of one hundred and twenty-five more captives, among whom were ninety women and children.

Felipe V presented him for the Episcopal see of Orense in the first months of 1717. He was ordained bishop on December 5 of the same year and took possession of his headquarters on the next day 16. He visited the towns and villages of his diocese several times. He consecrated the Cathedral of Orense on June 23, 1720. He became interested in the history of the sanctuaries of his jurisdiction, gathering information that he later published in ”Noticias históricas”, a work he composed in the Sanctuary of Aguas Santas (1721). Renovated and embellished this last sanctuary, dedicated to Santa Marina.

The year 1728, the holy year of Compostela, Fray Juan Muñoz de la Cueva was responsible for bring the royal offering (1,500 ducats) to the feet of the Apostle Santiago. He left Orense on May 31 and, upon entering Santiago de Compostela, fell off his mule and died on June 2, 1728.